Investing is always a good strategy and habit to develop in your life, especially if you do it in yourself.

Because even if money never seems enough, and we are forced to live on a budget, it’s important not to forget that money tends to grow as a consequence of our experience and knowledge.

And what better way to grow than investing in yourself, your knowledge and your passions?

With that being said, here are some ideas to start investing in yourself even while on a budget.


Crappy and fast food meals ruin your body. It’s not a secret, so act as a consequence.

Spending more money now on a good biological salad will prevent you from spending the same – but often more – amount of money in healthcare. Your health is a serious matter, and it starts with what you eat every day.


I used to spend more than $200 per year on changing my clothes. Notice I said changing not buying more clothes. Why? Because they constantly broke, or didn’t fit me at all – too small, too big, or faded.

I was a mess at choosing my own clothes, and I couldn’t afford to buy so many more pieces anymore, so I started learning how to recognise good ones and stick with them. Now I buy more clothes only if I want to, and if I decide to buy a good book instead of that striped mesh, I just do.


This is what I love about the Internet: it gives you opportunities even if you have very little money.

Think of how lucky we are: we are able to just go search on the Internet and learn new things – even by just watching videos on Youtube. My mum had to take a degree if she wanted to learn something new, or at least she had to find someone that wanted and had time to teach her or read tons of books.

We have Khan Academy, Coursera, Youtube, audiobooks and even if our budget was a total round 0, we could still be able to learn more things than we have the time for.

Check out these amazing websites if you want to take a course – there are also many free ones –  in your comfortable house, maybe while drinking hot chocolate – actually, this is my ideal lazy Thursday afternoon during winter – :


As I’ve already said, your health should be your most important matter. Take care of it, before anything else. And some regular checks at your doctor of trust could definitely save your life.


Who said travel has to be expensive?!

There are actually tons of ways to travel with very little money – still not sacrificing fun.  


Bad things happen, it’s a fact, but you still have the choice: keep complaining or act accordingly and start saving as little as 5% of your monthly income for an emergency fund.

Being completely broke during bad times means having to get more loans from the bank, and, as a consequence, more debts.

Don’t even think about it! Having an emergency fund is your first way of saving for – or even avoiding completely –  future debts.


This one sounds pretty obvious to me, but maybe it doesn’t for everybody.

I mean, you can still live a decent life with debts, but as long as you have them, you won’t feel like you are completely free.

You’ll still feel like there’s a missing piece to fix before being completely satisfied with your financial condition.

That’s why they’re definitely an investment worth doing for your future happiness. 

Trust me – without taking care of – and developing – yourself, you will never get as far as you want to. 

Do you have any other must-haves in investing on yourself? How do you usually invest in yourself?

Tell me about it in the comments section below!