Since the very first morning I started having a morning routine, my day, my week and then my life changed.

A morning routine is basically a step – by – step ritual that allows your body and your mind to wake up fresh and invigorated, getting energized to face a long, hard day of work or other activities.

You can easily see why having a good morning routine is not only the first way to conquer the morning – and the day as a consequence – but also the first way to feel good and mentally ready to face a looong new day. 

In other words, instead of crumbling at work or at the school like a zombie, you can feel strong and ready to face any big problem the day forces you to face.

Here are the best 10 ideas to have a great morning routine and own your day.


One of the things I used to do most in the morning – even before getting out of bed – was checking my social media. Lately, I’ve been cutting them off, after realizing how great I felt without constantly comparing other people’s lives with mine.

I have been feeling so regenerating since then and I highly recommend you do the same. So don’t check your phone immediately after waking up or (worse) while you’re still laying in the bed. It will take you forever to get out of bed, or you could even fall asleep again!

Instead, take a deep breath, look out of the window and feel inspired. Enjoy your time, enjoy yourself, without too much pressure. Starting it with the right mindset will make even the worst 9 to 5 workday into a pleasing, if not great, day.


This habit I’m about to show you will only take you 2 minutes, but will definitely change your mood for the rest of the day. Guaranteed. 

I found this type of meditation in a Tony Robbin’s book:  Unshakeable. 

He actually recorded this meditation and you can listen to it on the Unshakeable mobile app, which is only available in the App store.

However, if you have an android device or you simply prefer reading the written version of it, I will be uploading it soon to this website, so stay tuned! 


Stretching is very important for flexibility, the range of motion and injury prevention. It relaxes your muscles and increases blood flow and nutrients to your cartilage and muscles.

Especially if you don’t like exercising in the morning – just like me! – and don’t want to do anything intense, stretching is the best solution to get your body moving so that it releases endorphins, the hormones of happiness! (How great is our body!?)


This one doesn’t need any explanations, I think. 

Even the founder and CEO of SpaceX, Elon Musk, likes taking a good shower in the morning, and I’m pretty sure everybody knows why: it feels good, it is relaxing and regenerating.

It helps your body wake up even when you think it’s one of those lazy days…


How many more times do I need to tell that having a good skincare routine is crucial?

Probably a lot more. But I don’t care because it’s worth saying it! 

I have pretty good skin genetics  – and you’re probably hating me right now for saying this – but without my morning skincare routine, I couldn’t go anywhere.

And, since I’m not much into makeup at the moment – not to say I’m a mess – I always rely on my skin routine – fast, easy, and really basic.

Now, I don’t know about your skin type and what fits it better – there aren’t right and wrong answers – you just need to test, test, test and test. Or – even better – talk with a dermatologist to save you some headaches. Especially if you’re never even heard the word “skincare routine” before and wouldn’t know where to start.


Reading is food for the brain.

How many times did you hear this phrase? Probably a ton. Then, why aren’t you still taking it seriously?

Reading opens doors for your brain that you didn’t even through were there.

I love reading. And I know that whenever I have a problem I can’t solve myself, using the tools I know, I always rely on reading.

Remember: If you don’t have the answer, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Probably, it’s just that someone else has it – I’m feeling kind of wise today.

So, why don’t making it part of your morning routine?


Every day, in the morning, give yourself 5 minutes to be grateful for everything you have in your life, or the morning you’re going to go through.

You can write a list, or just visualize something that makes you feel really grateful. It can be anything, from your partner, a friendship, to the clean sheets you slept in or the cup of coffee you’re about to drink.

If you really don’t know how to start, simply answer these questions: 

  •  I am grateful for… (write at least 3 things)
  • What would make today great? … 
  • I am… (say something positive about yourself e. g. I am smart)

You can be very creative with this, but try to keep it short – 10 minutes maximum.


This is particularly important if you work from home, blogging for example.

The morning is the best time for your mind to think and learn, so if there’s a particularly difficult skill you need to acquire, or a problem you need to solve, do it first. And don’t go on until you’ve done with it. This is important: don’t procrastinate. 


Sometimes other people find ways to say how we feel and what we want better than we do ourselves, so if that happens, why not taking some inspiration from their words?

In the morning, read some of the most inspiring quotes you can think of. 

You can also create your own boards on Pinterest or on We heart it, collecting some inspiring quotes that really boost your mood.

After all, they are just another way to take you to your “happy place”.

And last, but definitely not least…


This is probably the one thing on the list that keeps me going most through the hardest days.

For me, watching an inspiring TED – talk, or listening to a great, mind (and life) – changing podcast is like winning the lottery.

Because it makes me feel good and helps me enter my best mindset.

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Explore the Internet, and look for the ones that most inspire you!

There are tons of ways you could fill your morning routine with. I hope you got some inspiration from this list, and feel free to share your own secrets for a great morning routine that really keeps you going!

What do you do to feel great in the morning, right before starting a stressful day?

What are your tricks to hack the morning and the day?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments!