I think habits define you, in a way.

Day after day, they make you who you are. And I think that the difference between unsuccessful and successful people is the way they approach their routines and habits.

In fact, successful people choose what their habits are going to be, while others get overwhelmed by them.

So, if you want to change, to get better and be successful – whatever your definition of success might be – habits are exactly where you should be starting from.

Having said that, here are 8 habits of successful millennials – and people in general.


Try to always welcome the unexpected,  embrace your failures. If that’s something gold I learned working on my own is that failure is relative. It doesn’t even exist if you don’t decide what it is.

For example, when I quitted college, everybody thought I failed at it. Actually, I never considered it a failure, because deep down I never ever wanted it to be a success. Actually, I think that quitting it is one of the best things I’ve ever done!

What I’m trying to say is that you define success, but you’re also the one that defines your failures. It might feel a failure for everybody else and a success for you, or vice-versa.

So just thank yourself for whatever you’re doing in your life – and I’m sure that you got through a tough moment in your life – or maybe you’re doing right now. Thank yourself and be proud of what you got through without dying. Sounds pretty drastic, but it’s true.

Successful people think of risks and failures as the best teacher, instead of a “you suck!” label.

Whatever you’re going to do with your life, you will do mistakes. It’s not only human, it’s necessary. And in the 99% of the cases, the world won’t end, but it will get easier to understand, instead.

One trick I learned from the best – aka Tim Ferriss (actually, go watch his TED TALK if you haven’t yet! Highly recommended!) – is asking yourself

What’s the worst thing that can happen if I fail?

and then give yourself a real, true answer.

By doing so, you’ll start noticing that in most cases

(A.) you won’t die and

(B.) you won’t be eaten by some beasts or stuff like that.

You will just need time to recover again. And that will make you stronger, better and – in my opinion – more successful.



Whether it’s about dating or just friendships, your twenties mistakes might be your thirties regrets (a great concept you can deepen here). 

But don’t get me wrong! I’m not suggesting you not to do everything crazy. Au contraire!

You need to have fun, but still keep a bit of focus on what you really want out of your journey. If what you want is to get married and have a family in your thirties, for example, dating the same old fuckboy over and over again won’t help you.

Actually, it’s gonna make you feel like total crap – vulnerable and worthless. You probably heard this before but there are plenty more fish in the sea, so don’t waste your time on a smelly one. Got the metaphor?


I don’t know about you, but there’s almost nothing I hate more than people that don’t keep promises! I just can’t take them seriously!

And whenever they say they’re going to do something, in my head I’m like:  

Yeah, really?!?

And imagine in work related projects! Would you take someone – speaking of work – seriously if everything they do is saying they’re going to do something they won’t?!

You would never count on them!

So definitely don’t be the one who does that! Always keep your promises – especially the ones you do to yourself!

Here is a book I highly recommend on this topic: Keep any promise by Karim H. Ismail


Again, this will help you be taken more seriously, and to be respected more.


This one includes learning how to save and how to live within your means, paying your bills and staying away from debts.


I could spend hours telling you why having a mentor is so important, but do I even need to?

I mean, just think about it. Having someone that is willing to teach you everything he knows can save you tons of years of trying and millions of wrong attempts! 

If this is not being productive and doesn’t help you get successful I really don’t know what is!


When I first started working on my own, with my first blog (not this one) and everything, I felt overwhelmed. I had to work on SEO, my newsletter, my Pinterest presence, create great content and other million things! I’m lucky this didn’t make me crazy!

Instead, I decided it was time to plan.

I started by writing on paper everything I read or learnt about and wanted to take action on.  While in the beginning it looked more like a kid’s doodle, with some time it started to come alive.

I learnt that I couldn’t do anything at the same time and that I had to declutter my to-do list and focus intensely on 2 or 3 main things only. I can’t tell you how much it worked for me!

After doing that, I remembered my high school English teacher’s words:

You can’t fail if you have a plan.

And watch out! This doesn’t mean that the plan can’t change! Actually, it has to change, because it has to grow with you – whenever you learn new or better things.

Your goal should be growing with you!


It happens to everybody: you think you had the most productive day of your life, but when you write down exactly what you did and it feels like nothing.

Now, instead of complaining and feeling crap, you can take it as a chance to get more productive. Maybe that “5 minutes Facebook pause” took longer than it should, and 5 minutes turned out to be an hour (when it comes to social media, it happened at least once to everybody). But next time, you’ll notice it soon enough to stop!

Personally speaking, I keep a journal to do this. Every day, when I’m done with my work or in general all the good purposes I had – like reading 10 pages of a book, meditating and exercising – I write them down on my journal.

To be exact, I write:

  • everything I did
  • how I could have done it better
  • why this is meaningful and helpful for me
  • and how great this makes me feel

Then, when I really had a lazy day or I just feel unmotivated in general, I go back to those writings (it’s incredible how easily we forget what we have done!). And this makes me feel proud and motivated, at least enough to keep me going through another whole week!

Which habit is your favourite one? And what other habits to add to this list can you think of? Let me know in the comments (I love hearing from you!)