I think people need to learn more how to write because it’s something we’re always asked – or forced – to do. 

You write queries for school, or maybe you want to write an ebook or a book for your business – and pleasure! Even if you want to make a movie or a simple Youtube video you’re gonna need a script.

People think of writing as this “magical-thing-only-talented-people-can-do”, and I used to believe it too, until I really started writing every.single.day.

Actually, writing is nothing more than a skill or a habit (if done every day). It’s just something you can learn how to do.

Even one of the most brilliant writers of all times – Ernest Hemingway – used to wake up at 4 am to write. Everyday.

No, he didn’t write whenever he “felt like it”. Was he talented? For sure.

But writing daily was his real strength.

Now grab your notebook, your pen or your keyword! It’s writing time!


I think the best way to start acquiring a habit – just like with writing – is starting small, and being as specific as possible.  

Writing every day it’s gonna look intimidating at first. I know, I’ve been there too. But don’t give up. The crucial part here is starting.

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So don’t start with something too big – like writing a new chapter every day – because there’s a high probability you’ll end up procrastinating.

Instead, write as little as 400 words per day. Or even 100 if 400 looks too scary already.

You can even set a timer and write for 30 minutes, for example. Or 10 minutes, or whatever you want to start with! JUST START!

Start small, but keep increasing your number of words as you go on.


People always have new, life-changing ideas when they less expect – or are ready for – them. So don’t let them go! Always keep a notebook with you, or write the notes on my phone – you always have it in your hands, so no excuses!

And don’t forget to give yourself some time to think!

(You can read about it here)


Always try to be inspired and learn by other people’s work!

You don’t even have an idea of how many blog posts I read before starting writing my own – which I think was almost a way of procrastinating.

“A great writer is always a great reader”

Something I also suggest you is to join other writers’ communities. Talking with someone that is going through what you are going through would do anything but help and motivate you!


Start seeing yourself as a writer.

Write down as many times as you can things like:

I am a writer”


“I am able to write 400 words per day”

What you write will slowly turn into what you think, and what you think into how you act. This will save you so much time wasted in self-doubt!


“Accountability forces clarity”

There are many apps available out there —like Wordcounter— to track word count.

Seeing the cumulative word count add up it’s encouraging, trust me!


Many pieces of research found out that doing something new activates new patterns in your mind, which allow you to have more ideas.

So if you’re having a writer’s block, just step away from your desk! Instead, take a walk, make some tea, relax, take a little nap (maybe this is just me). You’ll be amazed by the results!

Read more about the power of breaks here.

And lastly...

7 JUST.  DO. IT.  

What really matters, in the end, is writing, so just do it. Even if it sucks. It’s gonna suck at some point, it has to. So accept this and go on! Remember that you can always edit it later, so why feeling this pressure?!  

Just do your best and keep in mind that done is better than perfect!

Let me know more about your writing habits in the comments below – or contact me via email!