I think the way you start your morning can impact the rest of your day and – in the long run – your life because you build it day after day.

If you wake up stressed, there’s a high chance the rest of your day will be stressful. But at the same time if you wake up feeling good, motivated and fresh, think of how great the rest of the day can be! What you can do is take control of how your day goes by incorporating healthy habits into your morning routine. And here are 5 suggestions!


Checking your Instagram or watching TV can sometimes overstimulate your brain, making it release endorphins that it will be looking for during the rest of the day. Just think of it. How can you really focus on your work – or on any other important task during the day – if all your brain can think about is checking the phone to get that fake sense of satisfaction again?!

So give yourself an hour – or at least 30 minutes – without any technology during the morning and you’ll start to see incredible changes in your productivity!

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The word “meditation” can be intimidating. But I think that meditation is nothing more than taking some time to relax and being present. We tend to live our lives in a rush, and meditation is a way to train your brain not to feel overwhelmed by your thoughts. So why not taking even just 5 minutes in the morning to slow your mind down and take some moments to enjoy the moment you’re living? You’re alive, how amazing is that?! Then take 5 minutes to appreciate this fact.

You don’t even need to do anything crazy or “woo woo”. Even reading a book for 10 minutes can be a form of meditation. Just try to breathe more deeply and do NOTHING ELSE (which most of the times means not checking your phone every 5 minutes) but enjoying the moment. The key is doing one task at a time (multitasking is the devil!).

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There’s something about stretching in the morning that just feels sooo good. It wakes up and warms your muscles, making you feel relaxed and energised. Take just a few minutes to stretch in the morning and your body will thank you for the rest of the day!


For me, eating a healthy breakfast is a must-do. It’s just something I can’t go without. If I don’t eat in the morning – which means taking some time to have a huge, healthy breakfast – my brain just doesn’t work the same during the day. I mean, you haven’t got any nutrition in your body for 8 hours, you need to eat something!


I don’t if you’re ever heard of the 5-minutes journal but since I’ve been using it my life changed, for the better. Most of the time we tend to focus on the negative things going on in our lives (we’re always full of worries, aren’t we?), which results in us feeling even more stressed.

Taking a few minutes to write down 5 things you’re grateful for in the morning (they can be anything from “being able to breathe” to “having a pen you can write with”) can really impact your mood for the rest of the day and give you a whole different (more positive) perspective on your life.

Read more about the 5-minute gratitude journal here  – it’s the number #7)

Let me know your experience if you implement any of these healthy habits in your everyday life in the comments’ section down below!