I’d like to introduce this post with a wonderful and inspiring quote by the original #Girlboss herself, Sophia Amoruso…

20 #GirlBoss Habits You Need To Try


Now, of course this girlboss habit might not include all of you guys reading. I know there’s some of you who might work shift work or have to get up super late or maybe goes to bed late because of work.

I mean, take this as you will, but whether or not you are someone that goes to bed early and also wakes up early it’s more so the matter of getting enough and proper sleep.

I can’t explain the amount of motivation you feel when you wake up early. You feel like you’ve already conquered the day before it even starts. Definitely a great feeling!

When you wake up, your motivation focus and energy levels are all at their highest point.

You’re awake when most people aren’t and you have in fact earned some extra time to relax, spend some alone-time, get ready without constantly being in a rush and also start working on the toughest tasks with a lot more time available.  

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Procrastination is a tough monster to fight. That’s why a true #girlboss never stops working on it.

Believe it or not, even the most successful people on Earth has to still fight procrastination – maybe not everyday, but often. Because we have this monkey inside our brain that would just lay in bed all day watching Netflix and eating junk food. It’s up to our more rational and mature side to start working.

You might want to watch this video to explore the subject from a more scientific point of view:

Accept the fact that, like Mel Robbins says: “You’re never gonna ‘feel like it’” and move on. If you can’t find the motivation to achieve your goals or even to tackle a few tasks off your to-do list from time to time, keep in mind that it’s not necessarily how it has to work.

Instead of waiting to ‘feel like it’ before starting a task, do the exact opposite: start working on the task and you will start ‘feeling like it’ after a while. That’s why my personal go-to when it comes to procrastination is a simple technique called ‘the pomodoro technique’.

Basically, you set a timer for 25 minutes and start working on your task of choice. After that chunk of time, you take a 5 minutes break. As simple as that. It actually still surprises me to this day how such a simple method can completely shift your mindset about the task, allowing you to eventually tackle it completely.

Indeed, instead of thinking “Duh! I have to work on this thing I hate now! It’s gonna take me 8 hours! I think I’ll watch another Netflix episode”, you tell yourself: “Ok, I’ll just work 25 minutes on this, than I’ll get a break! Woo!”

What this does is overcoming the resistance barrier procrastination causes so that most of the time after the 25 minutes have passed you actually find yourself in flow and keep working without problems.

Here you can find practical pieces of advice and ways to start fighting it right now:

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Now, this is a mindset that everyone can have or develop – and #girlbosses in particular master it.

Every single day we have so many opportunities to learn and gather more knowledge by what we are doing. Now, we can choose to see everything that eventually gets in our way as a obstacle, or a chance to learn, or even a challenge to prove our worth.

But if you’re constantly in the mindset of learning and just experience for the sake of learning and growing, then things will start looking like less of a big deal to worry about and more as a fun challenge to prove ourselves that we can do it no matter what. It’s really up to you to define failure.


I get that when you hear the term “girlboss” you instantly think of things like “business” “money” and “hustle” – and yes of course success is amazing and is something we all should look forward to – but I also think that being a girlboss is knowing when to prioritize things over your work.

Friends, family and your community should be above work and success sometimes. Because we shouldn’t forget that being connected and feeling loved and appreciated, feeling that there’s someone that cares about us, should come first.

And it doesn’t have to be something too extreme either. It means putting off work to enjoy a night out with your family or friends or sharing a coffee with an old friend that it’s in town only for a few days. Because let’s not forget that our time here is limited, let’s not waste it.


When you go through life with the perspective of mistakes actually just being lessons then you stop putting so much pressure on yourself and you stop being so hard on yourself for the times that you aren’t necessarily right.

Something that we all might have in common is this self-doubt that kind of sits inside of our heads and make us feel crappy about ourselves. So shifting the perspective from “Why did I do this?” to “What did I learn from this?” can be life-changing.


Like we already said, when we think about the term “girlboss” things like “success” and “business” and “work” come to our minds, but it’s impossible to work 24/7!

You’ll eventually need to take some time to unwind and relax, whether it’s in the morning or at night or both.

Self-care is a crucial part of working not only on your mental issues (things like anxiety, feeling overwhelmed or stressed etc.) but is also a way to recharge your brain and your willpower to being able to have consistently a productive day.

It’s impossible to give 100% all the time. So would you rather give 50% everyday for a whole month or give 100% for 3 days and feeling burned out during the rest of the month? Your choice.

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Often times being busy involves other people, so make sure you’re always communicating effectively. Let people know about deadlines, changes, meetings, important things that are coming up, things that are happening, things that you need to work more on etc.

As annoying as it sounds, over-communicating is better than under-communicating, because it allows you to stay all on the same page so that nobody gets pissed off or screwed over.

And this can apply to your personal life as well.

And if you think right now you’re not much of a great communicator, there are tons of videos on Youtube or other courses online that can help you with that. You just need a quick search on Google!


I know most of us hate it, but exercising is essential, and not only to get in shape. Working out is considered the number one stress reliever for when you’re stressed out, or angry or mad, or frustrated etc. If you’re a #girlboss, you probably deal with stress a lot. Stress just comes from being busy – and exercising will help you like no other.

Honestly, any form of “moving” can play a major role, so it doesn’t have to be lifting weights or running or going to the gym. You can just put on your favorite jam and dance to it for as long as you want!


It doesn’t matter if you’re in a business setting, a casual setting or even a in your own personal relationships, always make sure you are listening to listen, not listening to respond.

This means you’re actually paying attention to what the person is saying, you’re not thinking about what you’re gonna say next or how you feel about it. Otherwise, you’re not really giving the other person a chance.


I know it’s hard, especially since we live in such a connected digital age, but when you want to stay focused on your work to give your best results, you’ll need to unplug it all: put your phone in another room, turn off the tv and make sure there’s nothing constantly trying to catch your attention.

Focus on one task at the time – this will work magic in your workday, but also in your personal relationships (who doesn’t hate that one person that’s always checking their phone when they’re having a conversation at lunch with you? Ugh!).  


As we already mentioned, a #girlboss is constantly working on herself. She’s always trying to be better, not only for work – and not necessarily better than anyone else – but better than who she was yesterday. So start a genuine competition with yourself.

A practical application of this concept would be to do things like educating yourself, reading, learning a new skill, working on your issues, trying to be more aware, open-minded etc.

(P.s. Reading a few articles on this blog is a great way to start!)


Nobody likes a person with an ego who acts like they know it all – imagine working with them. So simply don’t be one of those people!


This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you’re busy, if you’re a #girlboss, if you’re out there hustling, you have no time to be disorganized. Feel free to craft your own systems, utilize to-do list planners, digital notes, Google Calendar etc. (there are literally a million things you can test out!) but plan effectively.

Do you know that quote: “If you do not know how to manage your time, nothing in your life will be manageable”? Yeah, you know what that means.

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At the end of the day, being productive doesn’t mean getting 100 things done, it means doing the few most effective ones that’ll change the game. That’s why learning how to prioritize is so essential to be the perfect #girlboss.

So before getting deep in your work, instead of going randomly through your to-do list, highlight the 2-3 tasks that would impact your day (and future) the most and make sure you tackle them off first.


Live within your means. Learn how to budget, don’t overspend and don’t be frivolous. With social media – especially Instagram – it’s so easy to see all these people who seem so happy with expensive things.

But if you can’t honestly afford that stuff, simply don’t buy it – don’t pretend that you can.  Trends eventually pass – and you don’t really want to end up broke just to impress other people around. Plus your worth doesn’t depend on how many designer bags you own. Who cares everybody is wearing Gucci belts!


Your energy is precious, don’t waste time with people that constantly suck it out of you.

Instead, keep around like-minded people that keep bringing positive thoughts and feelings into your life.


I love a good declutter. That’s always what I do when I start feeling frazzled and kind of disorganized even though I’m top of all my to-do lists. Personally, I have found that when my space is organized and tidy, I just get work done more easily because I don’t get distracted and feel overall less overwhelmed.

Even if just subconsciously, the clutter and dirt around you influence your working performance and make you feel overwhelmed even when you aren’t really. Don’t let it happen -make sure to have a good declutter every once in a while!


Whenever you have free time, use it wisely. My personal recommendation is to either spend some quality time on yourself or with your loved ones.

If you’re really trying to make a name for yourself but also want to live a meaningful, fulfilling and happy life, the way you spend your time matters. A lot.


Successful people and #girlbosses try to never complain. Not only because it’s a useless and extremely time-wasting activity per se, but also because they are well-aware of who they are and take full responsibilities for their actions. They do not blame others for their problems and – as we already said in #number 5 – they know that they are not perfect but are at least correcting everyday.

They know that even though they can’t always control what happens to them, they can control how they respond to events. And they eventually choose to respond in a positive and productive way.  


Most successful #girlbosses practise daily meditation or some other sort of mindfulness practice. Whether it’s journaling, morning pages, meditating or something like the 5-minute journal, they choose to always dedicate some time to experience peace of mind.  

If you can’t even get a few moments of calm and focus before your day starts being a constant go, go, go, how can you make sure you’re still working with intention at the core? Remember:

“Being busy is a form of laziness – lazy thinking and indiscriminate action” – Tim Ferriss

Practising mindfulness on an everyday basis will help you make sure not only that you stay on track but also that you don’t lose sight of the end goal, of your vision.

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Please feel free to share all your thoughts in the comments section below, I promise I don’t bite!