There are various blog posts dedicated to morning routines on this blog. That’s because I deeply believe in the power of a relaxing, productive and healthy routine to kick-off the day.

You know, a morning routine designed to ‘get you in the zone’ is probably one of the best and most effective productivity tools around. So, yeah, your morning routine is actually the perfect time to develop yourself into the woman you want to become!

Below is a list of 5 different activities successful women do during their morning routines – which I hope might inspire you for your own. My recommendation is to start incorporating them into your own daily routine only one at the time. Otherwise, it might get too overwhelming. Let’s start!

5 things successful women do during their morning routines


Successful women often use the first hours of their day to get centered and focused (‘to get in the zone’ as we were saying!) – and meditating is just the perfect way to do so.

And if you’re thinking: “No, wait, I could never do that!” then you might want to keep reading to realize it’s actually easier than you think! All you have to do is set a timer (start with 3-5 minutes), close your eyes (or you can keep them open) and simply focus on one thing that’s not a thought. For example you can focus on your breath, I like looking at a particular point of my wall etc.  

99% of the time you’ll get distracted by your thoughts but don’t worry, that’s perfectly normal. The exercise is to bring back the focus on that one thing. As long as you do that, you’re doing it correctly!   


If you’ve been wanting to read more but struggle to do it at the end of the day, maybe because you’re too tired, then your morning routine is the perfect time to get your nose in the pages! It is well known that successful women like to keep learning and improving themselves or their skills so they try to integrate as much reading time in their morning routines as possible.

If books aren’t really your thing, you can always try switching to audiobooks! They’re also incredibly time-saving as they allow you do multiple things at once (e.g. you could listen to your audiobook while you’re running or washing the dishes!).  


Another great way successful women use to learn is by listening to podcasts. Just like audiobooks, you can listen to them while running your chores (e.g. washing your dishes, doing the laundry, cleaning the house etc.).   

Not only are podcasts completely free (and very easy to access nowadays!), but there’s at least one on basically any topic you might be interested in learning more about!

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Of course it’s no secret successful women stay organized and often use their morning routines to do it!

I honestly think one of the most important aspects of staying organized is keeping yourself out of overwhelm, indecision and confusion. That’s why I suggest you create a habit of taking the items on your to-do list and prioritizing them. Once the tasks are organized in order of priority, you can write down all the steps that you’ll need to take to tackle that item off your list and schedule each of those items in your calendar.

Putting your to-do list in your calendar forces it to be realistic and workable (I’m often guilty of underestimating how long a task will need to be completed so!) and is also much less stressful. This way, instead of thinking about the millions of things you want to do, you can just look at my calendar and see what’s next. And you’re good to go!


Successful women often use their extra time during their morning routines to work on their own projects. This makes perfectly sense since the first hours of the day are actually the ones in which our energy and focus levels are at their highest. So, yeah, that extra hour a day of work can definitely make all the difference!

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Which of these activities will you be adding to your morning routine? Which ones do you already practice on a daily basis? Let me know in the comments section below!